Silvia Dal Dosso

Wow, epic profile, such website. 

I'm a creative in the digital field and a researcher in Internet trends and subcultures.

In 2013 I wrote and directed The 1 Up Fever, a Mockumentary about the first usage of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and the release of an Augmented Reality smartphone based videogame inspired to the Super Mario Bros platform game. The Short Film has lately been on the news to allegedly inspired the Pokemon Challenge Mockery of the 1st April 2014, and the consequential creation of the famous Pok矇mon GO App. 

I currently work as freelance creative director for digital agencies such as AKQAMirror, Zooppa and for client such as Google, Nike, Diadora, Huawei, Tim, Lavazza.

I love to make video reportage about Digital Art and Contemporary Art as the many I made for the Berlin based web-tv

I love to make music videoclips as the many I made for the music and artistic collective Pop X, of which I'm part.

Since my MA in Literary Theory & New Media Studies, I'm a researcher in Artificial Intelligence and Internet Subcultures and this is why I co-founded Clusterduck collective, a group of researchers, filmmakers, curators and designers working and researching in the fields of digital art, social media art, meme culture, post-internet culture.

Inside Clusterduck, I'm directing the many creative outputs of the group, from virtual exhibitions to webpages, designs, datasets, MS Paint drawings or video reportages. At the moment my main focus concerns memetic and social media data analysis. I'm also directing a transmedia film about digital content creators, machine learning and trend forecasting, that will incorporate the internal curatorial research of the group. 

My work has been featured on Canal+, Sky TV, Rai TV, Motherboard, Nerdcore, Artribune, Zeit Online, Rolling Stone and in many nice articles that you can read in the section press of this website.

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